Our offer
1 SIMPLE package: Scanning or preparing your already digitized fi les + Archiving 50 years
No subscription: 1 package
Easy and unlimited access to your scanned fi lms and programs (secure platform)
What makes our difference
Long-term archiving and valuation of all masters on tape or as a scanned file.
Intervention worldwide for the recovery of your cassettes.
Based in Paris with 25 years of audiovisual post-production experience.
We answer all your questions within 24 hours
We have the expertise to meet all your post-production needs (editing, mixing, restoration, …).
Reliable service.
An order ?

Realization of an order

On our website (soon available or via a commercial, you order: You specify the information in your possession (quantity of cassettes, formats, durations …).

Validation & Removal

After validation, a removal of your cassettes will be programmed.


You pack the cassettes into cartons.


The carrier or courier goes to your place to pick up your items.


Your programs are sent directly to the nearest digitization site.

Arrived cassettes and / or discs

Checking status

Data Integration

Integration of the data supplied with the media (original label, tape sheet, jacket).

Adjustment of original order if necessary

Laying an individual barcode


Full wiping of cassettes.

Scanning tapes

Error Report

If errors are reported, the cassette is returned to wiping.

Indexing data collected during scanning

Comparison with the information provided when ordering

Sending Data to Archiving and Cloud


Cloning of digitized media in a high-resolution version on two separate physical archiving media.

Checking the integrity of carry-overs


Indexing / Cataloging

Creating a report (sent to the client)

Individual packing

Cellophannage (filming) of supports

Sending to the two storage sites

Referencing the arrival of archival media


Storage 50 years

Secure Platform

Provision of a secure platform.

Visionnage illimité

Unlimited viewing of the web version for the client.

Audio Playback

Listening to different audio channels

Publication and sharing possible

Send a link to your contacts, twitter, Facebook, Google + … for a duration of your choice.

Watermark & TimeCode

Inlay of Watermark and TimeCode.

Optional advanced functions:

Transcoding / Conversion.
Upgrading / PAD (ready-to-air).
Up / Down / cross conversion.
Advanced indexing (OCR, speech-to-text …).
Transcription (with or without translation).
Defect corrections (drop, still, aspect ratio, …).
Other post-production treatments: on request.

A request for information, an order ?

General conditions of sale

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